This page is in memory of my beloved dog Willow, who wagged her tail for the last time today.
After several operations of limited success (to restructure her knee joint following a torn cruciate ligament), Willow was diagnosed as having a malignant tumour in her leg, and put to sleep on the advice of her Vet.

WillowHey Willow Bear:

I know you wont ever be able to read this letter, but I believe that writing these words to you will somehow pass on the things I would have liked to have been able to tell you in life.

I love you very much, and I'm really going to miss you. You were an excellent dog, and I was always enormously proud of you.

Thank you for all the cuddles and wags you gave to me, and all the things we did together.

I enjoyed your sense of humour, and although I never understood why you thought certain things were funny, I was happy that you were amused.

I apologise for all the times I got cross with you, or didn't want to play.

I've shed many tears for you today, but nowhere near the numbers of smiles you gave me.

Don't be frightened when everything goes black; you will wake-up in a better place, your legs will no longer hurt, and you'll be able to run fast again. Max will be there waiting for you.

We will meet again one day, and I'll be overjoyed to have the two of you by my side once more (we'll be the three Bears again).

Goodbye Willow Bear - I love you, and will never forget you.



It's been a whole year, and it's time to let go.

Today we scattered Willow's ashes on one of her favourite walks, said our final goodbyes, and planted a little bush to mark the spot. Paulene cried again, as she has done so often over the past year.

We kept back some of Willow's remains, which are going to be melted into glass crystal stones, and set in signet rings so we can both keep her close.