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Goodwill Recycling - unwanted bits of film photography equipment



Once in a while I acquire a bit of unwanted equipment. Rather than bin it, or go through the hassle of eBay selling, these items will be offered here for the cost of UK postage ONLY typically £3.00.

Please don't expect shop-style service: I'm not interested in providing photos, accepting returns, or calculating overseas shipping costs.

My local Post Office opens on two days a week, so I'll send items at the first convenient opportunity.

My email address is Hey John Bear @ Outlook.com (without the spaces).


8. Empty Miranda accessory boxes. One for a rubber eye cup, and the other for a Type 1 chest-level viewfinder. Serviceable condition - no splits or tears.

7. Miranda split-image rangefinder screen for a Miranda G. New in the original box.

6. Contax TLA 20 flash gun. FWO and nice condition.

5. Black Fujica ST701 cold shoe. Good condition with very minor paint wear on some edges, but no chips.

4. Black finish Leech lens hood & filter. Good condition with very minor paint wear. 42.5mm screw fitting. Comes with a chrome finished Leech filter of unspecified purpose.

3. Fuji M42-FX adapter for digital cameras. Good condition.

2. Small hard lens case. Good condition. No maker's mark, but inscribed Made in Japan. Not old, and made of leatherette rather than leather. Chrome ring around top, and plastic strap. Removable foam padding - top and bottom disks plus a tube. Press-stud top fastening. Internal size: 65mm wide and 80mm deep (or a little wider with the padding removed).

1. Nikon EM body. Early blue button version. Reasonable condition but needs a good clean on the outside. Viewfinder nice and clean. Tested with new batteries, and the meter is active (low light beep works, etc). Strap rings still fitted. Mirror damper OK, but door seals perished. The only thing wrong with it appears to be a cracked rewind knob with a missing crank arm.


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