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What film goes in which cassettes?

The following table is the product of an academic exercise to determine the correlation between film speeds and Rapid Cassette T-bar tab lengths; for anyone (including myself) who wishes to load the correct 35mm film into a Rapid Cassette.

In the absence of such an information table on the Internet, I have proceeded on the basis that there is a simple arithmetic progression linking film speed and tab lengths, and that information gaps can be extrapolated working from the givens that: A films had a speed of 25 ASA; and the highest film speed available was 400 ASA, designated by the letter N, with a tab length of 6mm.

I thought to look at Rapid camera instruction manuals, but the only ones I can find either specify the use of 100 ASA film, or say nothing on the matter. Rapid camera instruction manuals have proved elusive too.

This approach works but for a few anomalies.

  • Some published data conflicts with expectations. My Fujica Rapid S2 came with an empty E cassette, which has a tab length of 2.5mm where 2.0mm was expected.
  • The Alpha sequence is one letter longer than expected.

* Where a website has stated the film speed for a letter code.

DIN ASA Expected letter code Published letter code *
(for film speed)
Expected Tab length Published Tab length
15 25 A ✔ A and ✖ B 0.0mm
16 32 B 0.5mm
17 40 C ✔ C 1.0mm ✔ 1.0mm
18 50 D ✔ D 1.5mm ✔ 1.5mm
19 64 E ✔ E 2.0mm ✔ 2.0mm
20 80 F ✖ E 2.5mm ✔ 2.5mm
21 100 G ✔ G 3.0mm ✔ 3.0mm
22 125 H ✔ H 3.5mm
23 160 I ✔ I 4.0mm
24 200 J ✔ J and ✖ K 4.5mm
25 250 K 5.0mm
26 320 L 5.5mm
27 400 M ✖ N 6.0mm ✔ 6.0mm

Rapid film cameras

Here's a full list of Rapid cameras. Many were simple point and shoot jobs, but a few were quite sophisticated, notably the Canon, Minolta, Olympus and Yashica models.

Adox - Golf IA Rapid

Agfa - Isette Rapid, Iso-Rapid C, Iso-Rapid I, Iso-Rapid Ic, Iso-Rapid IF, Isomat Rapid, Isoflash-Rapid C, Isoly Rapid, Isomat Rapid, Isomat Rapid C, Optima-Rapid 100 C, Optima-Rapid 125 C, Optima-Rapid 150, Optima Rapid 250, Optima-Rapid 500 V, Silette Rapid, Silette Rapid L, Silette Rapid F, Silette Rapid I

Canon - Dial Rapid, Demi Rapid

Dacora - Rapid 101, Rapid 202, Rapid 303, Rapid 404

Ferrania - Lince Rapid

Fujica - Rapid S, Rapid S2, Rapid D1, Rapid SF

Hanimex - 101 Rapid, 101F Rapid, 202 Rapid, 404 Rapid

Ilford - Sportina Rapid

KMZ - Zorki 12, Lomo Smena Rapid

Mamiya - Myrapid

Minolta - 24 Rapid

Oehler - Infra

Olympus - Pen Rapid EE.D, Pen Rapid EE.S

Petri - Auto Rapid 28

PMC - Automatic Rapid

Regula - Rapid SE, Rapid SL, Rollop 35

Ricoh - 35K Rapid, EE Rapid Half

Voigtlander - Vitoret Rapid D

Yashica - Half 17 Rapid, Half 17 EE Rapid

Welta - Penti