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JapanBeauty Lightomatic II [1960 - 1961]



The Beauty Lightomatic II was the successor to the original Lightomatic. To avoid repetition, I have only described how it differed from its predecessor.

  • A bright-frame viewfinder was added in place of an Albada-style bright-line (i.e. projected via an illumination window rather than reflected frames), which in turn led to:
    • the viewfinder, rangefinder, and illuminating windows being given a single glass cover, and
    • the illumination window further allowed the projection of a viewfinder meter image, making it possible to set the exposure while viewing the subject.
  • The meter needle pointer window was re-designed so that it's shape changed from circular to rectangular.
  • The graphic and film type reminder next to the needle pointer window on the top plate was also changed to a table showing film speed setting parameters (e.g. a setting of 100 ASA accommodated films between 75 - 120 ASA).
  • The camera also got a standard cable release thread added to the shutter release.
  • Wind lever restyled
  • The lens is a Biokor-S, rather than a Beauty-S, but this appears to be no more than a name change.

Lightomatic II viewfinderAccording to the 1960 Amateur Photographer magazine guide to cameras available in that year, the Lightomatic II was price at £38 - 19s - 6d, which was equivalent to more than 2 weeks average UK wages (18.25 per week).

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My Camera

I have watched and waited for a Lightomatic II to come up for sale for over a year, and then two came along in the same week (in October 2017). I was due to move home just before the auctions ended, and knew I'd be off-line for at least a week, so I couldn't place a bid. Happily this camera popped up for sale in January 2018, and I snapped it up for £18.99.

The camera is in OK condition. Everything sort-of works, but the meter appears inaccurate, and the rangefinder is well off. There's a small screw behind the shutter release (and another next to the viewfinder), so I'm hoping these are there to allow easy adjustments. However, any shortcomings don't matter since the purchase of this camera was to complete the full set.



Beauty Lightomatic II

Beauty Lightomatic II

Beauty Lightomatic II