• I'm very happy for site visitors to email me if they have a question, comment, or new bit of information ( However, please DON'T ask me to give valuations.
  • I am especially interested in obtaining photographs of the original Agfa Solinette. This is a model that theoretically exists, but I have been searching for an image since May 2016.


The Code

  • This website was first indexed by Google on 17th August 2014.
  • It is also listed on DMOZ - the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web (and is the first website I have ever managed to get listed). Sadly DMOZ closed on 17/03/2017.
  • It's pages have been hand-coded using a text editor , and pass W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS validation (see 06/11/2015 note in the right-hand panel).
  • The site uses a liquid layout to accommodate different screen sizes , but requires various minimum screen widths to display as intended. Key pages use a JavaScript to warn visitors of the minimum screen size required.



  • This site uses two Google products that collect anonymous data. Google Analytics is essentially a visitor counter, while Google AdSence uses cookies to deliver appropriate advertisements based on visitor's browsing habits. Further information about the cookies used, and the data they collect, can be obtained from Google. If you have any concerns about the collection of anonymous data, I suggest you leave (see 06/04/2017 note in the right-hand panel).



  • Although there is a traditional Index page, site navigation and search engine optimisation has been designed to allow any page to function as the entry point for visitors.
  • Cameras are grouped by type: folder, viewfinder, rangefinder, and SLR, and within each of these headings, the cameras are alphabetically ordered by manufacturer, and sub-ordered by first production date (or sometimes alphabetically).




  • A graphic link (as seen above) at the foot of each page allows visitors to scroll through the cameras within each type.




  • A second link at the foot of each page goes to the off-site user manual for that camera. Where I have been unable to locate an on-line manual the image is grey.



  • Other websites that have provided codes or services to this site have been acknowledged on my links page.
  • All images and graphics displayed are original, or - in the case of the latter - have been re-created with significant changes.
  • I am happy for any of the text, images and graphics on this site to be used elsewhere, but please don't claim anything copied to be your own work! I quite often see my descriptions used on eBay, but I guess that's OK?



new code 21/07/2017
I've replaced the style sheet line of code that made the right-side column with the camera pictures display at the bottom of the page with smaller screen sizes, with one that instead resizes those pictures. Here's the code:

max-width:100%; height:auto;

new code 12/11/2015
Inspired by seeing the colour palette of one on my camera photos (CSS Drive - Colors Palette Generator), I've changed the style sheets. I've also re-made my camera type graphics, using pictures of my own cameras. I've attempted to give the site an old school look, in keeping with the subject matter, and I'm pleased with the results.

new code 06/11/2015
I recently changed the Google Ads on this site from fixed-width to responsive, but noticed the pages no longer pass WC3 validation. I tried to change back to the old code, but found this too had been updated, and similarly does not pass W3C validation. I guess having valid code on a website is no longer desirable?

new code 01/11/2015
I've started working through this site annotating acronyms using the abbr tag. Mouse-over the word abbr to see the tag in action.

Here's the html:

<abbr title="your text here">and here</abbr>

And here's the CSS:

abbr{border-bottom: .1em dotted;cursor: help;}

new code 04/10/2015
The home page of this site uses numerous tiny new and updated graphics. I've changed these to base64 strings using a converter tool provided by Dynamic Drive. Theoretically, while this increases the page size by about 1k, it currently removes 6 server data requests; page speed being a measure of server-side performance rather than browser processing times. It probably makes a minimal difference to the performance of the page, but sometimes we do things because we can!

If using base64 strings for images, remember to include an alt tag to keep the code W3C compliant.

new code 18/09/2015
Here's a neat code update I've used to make an external link icon appear on every off-site link. The following line of code is added to the style sheet :-

a[href^="http://"] {background: url(/your folder name here/your image name here.png) center right no-repeat; padding-right: 13px;}

I've used png in the example, but it could be a GIF or jpg, etc. The ^= part means if the href attribute begins with http:// (as in an off-site link address), then the image displays.

new code 24/06/2015
Due to the subject matter of the site, and assumptions about the likely audience, the layout was not initially designed to work with trendy notebooks, netbooks, tablets, or mobile phones. However, due to Google's announcement that mobile-friendliness is now considered as a search ranking signal, this site has been updated to better accommodate screen widths of less than the original design requirement.

I've optimised images, minified style sheets and javascripts, and added @media conditions for screen resolutions lower than 1230px, so that unordered lists, the black navigation menu, and link graphics all space further apart. The right-hand column will now display below the text content: in other words, photos of the cameras will not display alongside the text, but below it.

Google PageSpeed Insights currently scores the Index page as follows: Mobile User Experience 100/100, Mobile Speed 82/100, Desktop 90/100. All pages now pass Google's mobile friendliness validation and score in excess of 80% for mobile user experience (that being the pass mark).

Faster loading speeds cannot be achieved due to my lack of server side access, and the need to make changes to the site that significantly compromise its design.